Jeremy Lambertsen

McHenry, Illinois

Shifu Dan is fantastic. This is the best, most comprehensive and detailed Tai Chi and Kung Fu training I've had. After visiting several schools in the Northwest Suburbs I had almost given up hope of finding a school, but stumbled upon this diamond in McHenry. So glad to be able to study under a skilled and knowledgeable teacher.

Bill Thomas

McHenry, Illinois

I have trained with Danny for a number of years it always amazes me his martial arts knowledge and willingness to share. Looking forward many more years to learn. 

James Screeton

Clifton, Nottingham

Fulltime with the teaching of Dan Schultz the American guy.

So this random dude pulled up outside mine in a taxi with just a back pack and no suit case after flying from Chicago. I thought awesome he's a true teacher with no possessions, turns out his case thought brexit had already happened. Any way on to the teaching part.

Dan was a great teacher we trained lots, built stuff to train with, explored the area, did some photos and videos. He was very patient as it takes me a while to get things, but he taught me lohan and siba (form from xinyiliuhe) too a long with lots of other bits. When he would show me the same correction over and over again he never got frustrated but calmly showed me new ways to understand it until I got there. I also got to feel a lot of techniques be used on me too getting a heavy and practical understanding straight away. Another big topic we did was push hands! He did throw me all over the place at will but then he would stop explain what he did and how he did it and how to avoid it again, then letting me practice them too which was awesome! Another awesome aspect was that he built a form from a list of moves given that covered the 8 directions lots of different jins and had great application with it. He then taught this as a form and then line work and application.

I have learnt a significant amount from him in his stay like what death battles are (youtube show), how to leave a tip in an airport, and how to tie someone up that punches you (with belts or sashes). It's definitely being an amazing experience meeting an awesome guy in person finally and living daily with a great kungfu instructor. I've definitely hatched Into a lot better practitioner because of it. Thanks Dan until next time!


McHenry, IL

Dan's expertise is clear, his format is open and honest, and his teachings not just relevant to self-defense, but to knowing who you, the student, truly are. There are too few places which best you with compassion, humble you with acceptance, and are so willing to teach you the details of your reflection, the finer points you may miss in the mirror. With Dan, you'll come to fight and have fun, but you'll stay to understand and grow.

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