Books by Dan Schultz

I started writing books after having written some articles in my online martial arts blog. It was a way for me to get my thoughts on paper and look at topics I learned some time ago and see what I think about them now that I have more experience. I started getting a lot of positive feedback which inspired me to keep going. It was close to that time that I decided to take on bigger projects. "Shaolin Long Fist: A Detailed Analysis" was my first completed and published book. It was originally going to be my only book as really what inspired me to write about Long Fist in particular was that there were a lot of misconceptions about the style that I wanted to clear up. But after writing it I've decided to write more about the other systems I know. There's a lot to martial arts that many people miss, including me before I met my current teacher and had my eyes opened. In that same vein I would like to help those in that situation that I was trapped in for some time. 

You can find my books at:

My teacher Neil Ripski also is a writer and you can find his books at:

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