My name is Dan Schultz and my martial arts journey began in 1998. I was a youngster whose Mom put him in a Karate class to get him active rather than become an introverted gamer. Later on I started to develop a fondness for it and I started pursuing more teachers which landed me upon Chinese martial arts. Ever since then I've stuck to Chinese martial arts and it quickly became my passion. 

I've had the privilege of studying Chinese martial arts with multiple masters including Sifu Steve Kleppe and my current teacher Shifu Neil Ripski. I've attended many seminars and short excursions with other masters like Wudang priest Zhou Xuan Yun, White Tiger and Bak Mei master Steve Blanes, Internal martial arts masters Lin Wei Chung, George Xu(Xu Guoming), William C.C. Chen, and Kelly Whelan-enns. 

I've studied multiple styles of Chinese martial arts like Northern Shaolin Long Fist, Yang and Chen style Taijiquan, Cheng Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Xinyiliuhe, Southern Hung Gar, Ma family Kung Fu which consists of multiple styles like Drunken Boxing, Monkey, Tiger, Dragon, and Mantis.

In my journeys I've gotten to travel to places like Canada, Israel, and Thailand in my pursuit of martial arts and I've gotten to spar with many people of different styles. Martial Arts is my passion in life and now I teach locally and online as well as write books and articles on the subject. I hope to both continue progressing in my martial journey as well as pass on the arts to the next generation and keep the arts alive.

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