We run seminars locally and abroad!

To inquire about future seminars or set up one near you, contact us via email. 

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Recordings of previous seminars are now available for purchase!

 Seminar video recordings available here: Red Jade Martial Arts of McHenry Shop

Baguazhang Seminar 2023

We went over Fundamentals, techniques, applications, Bagua push hands, Qigong and meditation. 

Footage is available from this Seminar for purchase!

Purchase it here:

November 2022 we had an excellent and successful Chinese Swordsmanship Seminar. We covered fundamental sword skills, key techniques and theory, as well as worked on partner exercises and free flow sparring.

Many good times and laughs were had. Cause who doesn't like swords?

This was our first official seminar and we all had a great time! We look forward to our future seminars and future good times.

Help Us Plan Seminars Near You

We not only offer Seminars at our school. but you can bring us to you. If you wish to set up a seminar near you, inquire below...

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