Kung Fu Classes

Our Kung Fu class is filled with heavy workouts, ancient weapons training, and combat training. Classes typically start with conditioning exercises, followed by drilling techniques and forms, discussion of principles and theory alongside application work and sparring. Classes have a general layout, but are not limited to following a regime and will break from formulaic classes to work on things that will benefit the class. 

Our Kung Fu program is the bones of the curriculum as all the styles I teach are built on here. First you build foundations for the system, then we work on the different systems and how they approach combat. The systems taught in this class are Baguzhang, Xingyi/xinyiliuhe, Taijiquan, and the Ma family Kung Fu system consisting of Drunken boxing, Tiger, Monkey, Dragon, Long Fist, Praying Mantis, and more.

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Tajiquan(Tai Chi)

Our Taiji classes consist of heavy work on fundamentals, theory and principles found in Taijiquan. Classes consist of martial, longevity, and general health Qigong(basically Chinese Yoga or calisthenics), Taiji form practice, theory discussion, fighting applications work, push hands training, and meditation practices. 

Classes are catered to the students and all ages 14 and up are welcome. Taiji is practiced by many as both a martial art as well as a way to keep healthy and active into the later years. Whether you are looking for a method of self defense or are simply trying to keep your body healthy, this class can benefit you.

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Kids Classes 

Our Kids classes are hour long sessions consisting of stretching, workouts, martial arts training, and martial arts related games. Our Kids class is geared towards discipline and fun. Learning how to grow into better, healthier people while also enjoying our youth with fun activities. These classes will not only be a great chance for kids to stay active, but also a chance to make friends within their age group. 

Get your child active with our martial arts classes where they can be a part of a tradition spanning thousands of years. 

Red Jade Martial Arts is not just a martial arts school. It is a family.

Kids class ages 8-13 

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Class times:

Monday 6pm-8pm Adult Taichi class

Tuesday 6pm-8pm Adult Kung Fu class


4:30pm-5:30pm Kids Kung Fu class

6pm-8pm Adult Taichi class

Friday 6pm-8pm Adult Kung Fu class

Saturday 6pm-8pm Adult Kung Fu class

Private lessons can be arranged at the student's discretion. 

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