Online Training Program

Red Jade McHenry's Online Training Course is available on my patreon site. By signing up you get full access to the library of video lessons. 

The main topic of study in this course is Shaolin Long Fist, but topics may vary among other styles I know and teach depending on input from those signed up. Due to many people asking, I have also started teaching Taijiquan online as well. The Taijiquan lessons take from both my experiences in Yang and Chen style Taiji. Even more I was asked to start teaching Xinyiliuhe, so videos are now available for that too.

The course is meant to go over these systems from the ground up going over fundamentals, forms, principles, fighting theory, Qigong and health practices, meditation, applications, internal power and body mechanics.

Those who sign up can ask questions and the like. 

I have also made it possible to have private video lessons where the student sends a video of them performing techniques, applications, etc from the curriculum. I will review the video and send a follow up video with corrections for a fee. Student videos will not be shown to anyone without consent of the student. I have left instructions for sending private videos on the patreon home page.

New videos are added to the library weekly.

It's $30 USD a month for the online course via patreon.

Sign-up at this link:

My books also work well as an addition to your study in this course. Check them out here:

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